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Rejected Entrepreneur Visa applications (Refusals)

There are instances when your application under Tier 1 Entrepreneur can be refused for particular reasons. If this happens to you, you will still have a chance to make an appeal against the decision to reject your application to practice entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom.

Appealing for applications made inside the UK

If you made your application from inside the United Kingdom, your appeal will only be accepted if you have a statutory right of appeal; in which case you will be offered the appeal form to complete and have it returned. This is in line with the immigration laws and it is thus advisable to always countercheck for ensuring that you have this statutory right even before you submit the application. If your application was for extending your stay in the UK, you might have the right to appeal and normally the authorities will write to you, explaining why the application was refused plus possible alternatives available to you including the right to appeal(if any).

Appealing for applications made outside the UK

In case you made your application from outside the United Kingdom (entry clearance) and it turns out that the application was refused; then you have a right to what is known as an administrative review. For the review to take effect or be eligible for consideration by the relevant authorities, you must request it within a period of 28 days from the date the notice of refusal was issued to you.  Only one administrative review can be requested for an application that has been refused and the law does not allow you to submit any additional documents with your review request as this can lead to automatic rejection of the review.

Get expert assistance with appeals and administrative reviews

Our immigration solicitors are professional experts in handling all issues relating to appeals and administrative reviews. Contact us for any issue that you may be experiencing and let us help you solve it in order to have your application succeed.